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For athletes with demanding professional and personal lives and those who wish to achieve peak performance through regular hands-on instruction and performance monitoring by their coach.


  • Comprehensive initial consultation to review your athletic background, goals and other training considerations (in-person, phone or Zoom)

  • Analysis of historical training data and race performances

  • Monthly personal training sessions with your coach

  • Semi-annual video swim analysis, pedaling efficiency analysis and running gait analysis

  • Personalized periodization schedule based on your goals, abilities, available training time and key events

  • Initial benchmark testing to determine your cycling and running heart rate and power training zones

  • Bi-weekly training schedules, including:

    • Detailed workout descriptions;

    • Applicable intensity guidelines (heart rate, power, pace, etc.) for each session; and

    • Distance and/or time for each session

  • Unlimited access to your coach via phone and email

  • Unlimited adjustments to your training schedule to accommodate your work and family commitments, changes in your racing plans and other unforeseen circumstances

  • Ongoing training log review and analysis of heart rate and power meter data

  • Periodic field testing to update your individual heart rate and power training zones, determine race day targets and monitor your progress and recovery

  • Web-based software and mobile app for accessing your training schedule and recording your workout data

  • Training and race day nutrition strategies

  • One-on-one consultations prior to your key events to review race course, logistics, strategy and target heart rates and power 

  • Comprehensive strength training program

  • Taper and recovery strategies

  • Body maintenance and injury prevention guidance

  • Expert, unbiased advice on race selection and equipment purchases



Start-up Fee: $250.

Monthly Fee: $549. ($499. when your pay in advance for 12 months of premium individualized coaching)


Three month minimum commitment.  Personal training and video analysis sessions to be held within 60 miles of Philadelphia, PA.  Additional fees apply for travel beyond this area by your coach.

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