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For athletes of all levels  who want a professionally designed, individualized training program plus an interactive coaching relationship with specific attention to their life and training requirements.


  • Comprehensive initial consultation to review your athletic background, goals and other training considerations (phone or Zoom)

  • Analysis of historical training data and race performances

  • Personalized periodization schedule based on your goals, abilities, available training time and key events

  • Initial benchmark testing to determine your cycling and running heart rate and power training zones

  • Bi-weekly training schedules, including:

    • Detailed workout descriptions;

    • Applicable intensity guidelines (heart rate, power, pace, etc.) for each session; and

    • Distance and/or time for each session

  • Unlimited access to your coach via phone and email

  • Unlimited adjustments to your training schedule to accommodate your work and family commitments, changes in your racing plans and other unforeseen circumstances

  • Ongoing training log review and analysis of heart rate and power meter data

  • Periodic field testing to update your individual heart rate and power training zones, determine race day targets and monitor your progress and recovery

  • Web-based software and mobile app for accessing your training schedule and recording your workout data

  • Training and race day nutrition strategies

  • One-on-one consultations prior to your key events to review race course, logistics, strategy and target heart rates and power 

  • Comprehensive strength training program

  • Taper and recovery strategies

  • Body maintenance and injury prevention guidance

  • Expert, unbiased advice on race selection and equipment purchases



Start-up Fee: $250.

Monthly Fee: $349. ($299. when your pay in advance for 12 months of performance individualized coaching)


Three month minimum commitment.

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