Measuring Intensity

It’s easy to measure and control frequency, volume and duration in a distance-based coaching relationship. You simply follow the instructions on your training schedule and wear a sports watch while you train.

Measuring and controlling intensity is a little trickier. How do you know how hard or easy to go while training? By using a heart rate monitor. Heart rate monitors are an effective and inexpensive way to measure and control intensity. As part of your Mid-Atlantic Multisport training program, you will receive instruction on how to use a heart rate monitor plus specific heart rate zones for each training session so you can be sure you are working at the proper intensity each day.

Quick Reminder

What works for one person may not be appropriate for you.

Determining the best mix of training variables for you requires a detailed analysis of your goal events, fitness level, individual abilities, experience and time available for training. Mid-Atlantic Multisport identifies the optimal mix of variables for you and designs your training program based on it.